Anna Wenman     Owner/Head Coach

​Jenna Arellano     Office Manager

​Bailey Backus      Team Coach

Vika Savenkova    Kidfit 

Rebecca Bauer     KidFit/Team 

Alasia Smith         Kidfit

Katie Strain          Kidfit/Tumble

Lilly Prarie            Kidfit/Team

Brooke Watson     Silver Stars

Rebecca Bauer     Preschool Coach

​Chloe Tucker         Preschool Asst.

Sarah Connor, Sonny Nelson, Coach Anna, Lauren Milton, Alex Raynor, Jaren Arellano

Coach Anna, Alex Raynor, Sonny Nelson, Nicole Pearce


Coach Anna

Four Time State Champions

Harnett Central High School

Our goal at Performance Sports Center is to provide quality instruction from the heart.  In doing so, we strive to provide a safe and positive learning environment for all children by employing highly qualified and motivated instructors.

~Anna Wenman, Owner/Head Coach

Coach Anna Wenman has been coaching gymnastics for more than 23 years.  Anna owned/operated Angier Gymnastics from 2004 to 2014 when she relocated to Fuquay to open Performance Sports Center.  She also started and has coached the Harnett Central High School women's gymnastics team to four straight state championships.