Creative Movement for Toddlers:

This program is designed for toddlers ages 12-36 months. Gymnastics activities are arranged to accommodate the size and physical abilities of the participants. Preschool sized equipment is used to help improve basic motor and coordination skills and to aid in  cognitive learning as well. Bars, balance beams, trampolines, ropes, hula hoops, jump ropes, etc. are all part of the lesson plans.
Parent participation is required in this class.

Class time: 40 minutes


Kidfit gymnastics is for ages 6-18. This class is designed to provide the student with fitness skills in addition to gymnastics skills. Building the mind and muscle to make gymnastics and other athletics possible is the goal in this class. Vault, Uneven Bars, Balance Beam, tumbling and trampoline are all part of the weekly lesson plan for this class. 

Class time: 1 hour

If for any reason you need to cancel, or put a class on hold, we require a 30 day notification via email. Failure to communicate in advance will result in your account being charged for each missed month.


For ages 8 & up. This program focusing primarily on tumbling, from the very basics up to the more advanced. Participants perform drills and learn how to tumble by following the steps of progressions necessary to become a competent tumbler. Cheerleading skills and drills are also incorporated into this program.

Class time: 1 hour

Preschool Gymnastics
Exciting! That is a great way of describing this program. Children ages 1-6 participate in gymnastics activities on a pint-sized level. The focus is on coordination and motor skills using gymnastics equipment. Body awareness, spatial awareness, and basic muscle awareness are emphasized as the building blocks of preschool gymnastics. Students learn very important "gym safety & navigation" as part of this program.
Vault, bars, balance beam, tumbling & trampoline activities make up the weekly lesson plan. 

Class time: 45 minutes, All classes meet in Suite 106 on the left side of the sports complex. Look for the butterflies on the windows!