Cheer FUNdamentals

This class starts at age 4 and all the way up. This gives your athlete the chance to gain some cheer experience and learn the basics and have some fun while we are at it. We have class Monday's and Wednesday's from 5:30 pm till 6:30 pm. 


Performance Sports Center is now offering Competitive All-Star Cheer and Cheer FUNdamental classes!  We are looking for children ages 4 to 18 years old. You must be 5 as of August 31st to participate in Competitive Cheer. No experience is necessary! Come as you are.

Contact Cheer Coordinator Carlisha Smith for more details.

Gym 919-561-7576            ​Cell 304-279-2125

Performance All-Star Cheer

Tumbling Classes:

Tumbling Lvl I

Mon 530-630, Thur 630-730

Tumbling Lvl II* 

 Mon 530-630, Thurs 530-630

*Tumble II requires a minimum of an unassisted Round Off Backhandspring.

All-Star Program: 

All-Star Cheer is new to Performance Sports Center. We are now growing to not only make a great team but a fun experience for all athletes. We currently have a Senior Level 2 Team also known as Emeralds and a Junior Level 1 team also known as Rubies.  Competition season will start in January. We currently practice twice a week and working on growing. We have a second tryout coming Saturday, September 7th. Contact Coach Carlisha for information. 

What we offer